For Homeless Law Pro Bono Lawyers

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Homeless Law's Criminal Law Service

Homeless Law’s Senior Criminal Lawyer, Michael McKenna, provides legal advice and representation to existing Homeless Law clients who are facing charges in the Magistrates’ Court and are not eligible for a grant of aid from Victoria Legal Aid.

Eligibility criteria and managing client expectations

Homeless Law’s ability to represent clients in their criminal law matters will depend on whether they meet the Client Eligibility Criteria. Given that pro bono lawyers are unlikely to have access to sufficient information to assess a client against all of the criteria – in particular, the requirement that the client does not qualify for a grant of aid from Victoria Legal Aid – it is important that the client is made aware that representation by Homeless Law is not guaranteed until the necessary paperwork is received and their eligibility confirmed. If we establish that the client is not eligible for representation after the referral is made, we will facilitate an appropriate further referral.  

Referral process

If lawyers have a client who would like representation or advice in relation to their criminal matter, please email Michael McKenna using the Criminal Law Referral Template.

Secondary consultation

Criminal legal issues can also be relevant to the civil legal work pro bono lawyers are doing for Homeless Law clients (for example, evictions for illegal use, temporary absence applications or open court fines). If lawyers have any queries or would like guidance on any criminal legal issues that arise, please email the query to Michael McKenna