Guardianship and Administration

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Before the VCAT hearing

Before a VCAT hearing, as an advocate you:

  • should notify VCAT in writing if you are representing a client and provide written authority to act on the client's behalf;
  • must act on instructions and not in what you perceive to be the client's best interests;
  • should remember that the lead-up to the hearing can be quite emotional for the client and you should educate them about the process and, if required, assure them that they are not at VCAT because they have done something wrong;
  • should explore less restrictive options available for the client;
  • should obtain all necessary paperwork from VCAT;
  • should, if the client's disability is in dispute, obtain an independent medical report;
  • should, if the client agrees, contact the applicant, family members, carers and other interested parties to assist in your preparation for the hearing; and
  • should check the date, time and location of the hearing and inform the client of these details in writing.