Guardianship and Administration

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Can hearings be adjourned?

You may be able to have a hearing adjourned, for example to:

  • allow for the client to be represented;
  • allow time for written or more complex submissions to be made;
  • allow time for medical reports or other supporting material to be obtained or witnesses to be available; or
  • allow for consideration of material that you have not had sufficient time to read before the hearing and on which VCAT will rely.

A standard adjournment form and relevant practice note are available to download from VCAT's website.

It is important to give VCAT as much notice as possible of a request for an adjournment.  It will also be far easier to get an adjournment if you have the consent of the other parties.  You should telephone the VCAT hearing coordinator to request an adjournment and then fax confirmation of this in writing.  If an adjournment cannot be requested until the day of the hearing, then put the request to the VCAT Member on the day of the hearing, either in person or by fax.  The request should state reasons and include your contact details.

An adjournment will not necessarily be granted and is less likely to be granted at short notice.