Guardianship and Administration

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After the VCAT hearing

After a VCAT hearing, you should:

  • arrange a time for the client to meet with the guardian or administrator if one has been appointed;
  • seek instructions to obtain a statement of reasons;
  • speak to the client about their appeal rights;
  • if an administrator is appointed, find out any fees or charges for the service and inform the client; and
  • if a guardian or administrator is appointed, contact the client within two to three months after the order has been made to see if their circumstances have changed.

VCAT will usually determine the outcome of the hearing on the day.  As an advocate, you should communicate the outcome of the hearing to the client both verbally and in writing.  It is also advisable to seek instructions from the client to request a written statement of reasons from VCAT, as this may assist with any future proceedings.